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Tax Payer Services Unit

The primary objective of the Tax Payer Services Unit is providing friendly service to tax payers. The unit has been established at the 1st Floor of the Inland Revenue Department, Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 02, to provide necessary guidance and services to the tax payers within a short time period.

The services which can be obtained from Tax Payer Services Unit are summarized as follows.

Issuing Tax Payer Identification Number(TIN).

Alternation of name or address in the already issued TIN certificate.

Obtaining a temporary VAT certificate.

Obtaining income tax clearance certificate for those who does not have income tax file or PAYE file.

Issuing permit for duty concessionary motor vehicle .

Sales of Department Publications.

Other services.
       1. Issuing of pay-in slips relevant to all units of the department.
       2. Issuing leaflets on tax related issues.
       3. Providing Clarifications and instructions to the tax payers on tax related issues.
       4. Conducting tax payers awareness programs.

Down Loads

- Application for Temporary Registration - VAT

- APPLICATION FOR TAX PAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (TIN) - For Individuals or Individual Businesses

- APPLICATION FOR TAX PAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (TIN) Other than for individuals or individual businesses (For Partnerships/Companies/Ministries/Departments/Embassies /Societies/ Organizations/Non Governmental Organizations or the other Institutions.

Name & Designation
Tel. Nos.
Mr. Dissanayake D.M.S.
2338567 2134070 4070
Mrs. Athulathmudali A.M.P.H.
Deputy Commissioner
2328702 2134071 4071
Mr. Bandula Haputhanthrige
Senior Assessor
3009350 2134072 4072
Mr. Jayaratna A.A.B.
3009027 2134074 4074
Mr. Kumara P.N.
3009093 2134073 4073
Mr.Piyasena Douglus R.P.
3009040 2134079 4079
Mr. Nandasiri D.G.S.N.
3009287 2134075 4075
Miss. Rupasinghe A.S.D.
3009289 2134076 4076
Miss. Chandrasiri M.A.C.D.
3009072 2134077 4077
Miss. Suraweera S.A.E.R
3009288 2134078 4078
Pathirana D.E.S.B.
Tax Officer
  2134081 4081
Mr. Dias K.K.A.S.
Tax Officer
  2134084 4084
Mr. Amarasinghe A.A.S.S.
  2134082 4082


More Details
Tax Payer Services Unit
1st Floor, Inland Revenue Department,
Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha,
Colombo 02.
Tel : 011-3009027


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