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Gazette Date Gazette No Gazette Description
11 Sep 2018 2088/25 Notify the Operation of Tourist Value Added Tax Refund Scheme (TVRS)
10 Sep 2018 2088/02 Notify the operational date on section 58A of Value Added Tax Act
02 Jul 2018 2078/06 Notify the Regulations for healthcare services for the purpose of Value Added Tax, w.e.f. 02.07.2018
01 Apr 2018 2064/64 Notify the fee to be charged in relation to an application for a private ruling requested by a tax payer.
01 Apr 2018 2064/63 Notify the requirements to registered as Authorized Representative
01 Apr 2018 2064/60 Notice specify the withhold tax from payments where the payments made to any employee and rates of tax to be withheld from such payments.
01 Apr 2018 2064/59 Notice specify the Capital gain tax return and schedules to be furnished
01 Apr 2018 2064/58 Notice specify the circumstances under which a tax payer may designate an authorized representative
01 Apr 2018 2064/57 Notice in relation to specific provision for a debt claim made by a person conducting a banking business
01 Apr 2018 2064/56 Notice in relation to the any period for which interest on a blended loan
01 Apr 2018 2064/55 Notice in relation to the circumstances in which losses on financial instruments
01 Apr 2018 2064/54 Notification specify the taxes or other levies which the deductions shall not be made in calculating a person's income
01 Apr 2018 2064/53 Order under Sec. 194 of Inland Revenue Act, no 24 of 2017, that the Regulations of Transitional Provisions
01 Apr 2018 2064/52 Order under Inland Revenue Act, No 24 of 2017, (e) III of 3rd Schedule that the official emoluments of any individual who is employed by the Asian Development Bank.
01 Apr 2018 2064/51 Order under Sec. 85 of Inland Revenue Act, No 24 of 2017, as being the Service's rendered with a Source in Sri Lanka and Pays to a resident Individual being
01 Apr 2018 2064/50 Deduction of Income Tax from Interest Payment to a Senior citizen on money deposite in Banks or Financial Institutions, From 01.04.2018











Last updated: 28-04-2017