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Tax Evasion Reporting Form

If you have information about someone you think may be deliberately evading tax, you can report it to us confidentially online.
Try to provide as much detail as you can so we are able to fully utilise the information.

Section A: Information about the person or business that you are reporting

Postal Code
Contact No

Section B: Please provide the details of tax evasion

Category of violation reporting
VAT Fraud False Exemption
False Deductions False Documents
Unreported Income Kickback
Unethical Business practices Failure to Pay Tax
Failure to file return Rental Income
Details of Vehicles used
What is the tax violation that you are reporting about, please describe
Other information relevant to tax collection
Unreported income and tax years
Tax period - 1
Taxes to be paid- 1 (LKR)
Tax period - 2
Taxes to be paid- 2 (LKR)
Tax period - 3
Taxes to be paid- 3 (LKR)

Section C: Information about yourself

Pin Code
Contact No
Email ID
Your connection with the person or business you are reporting about
How did you obtain the information

*Please enter the verification code displayed

If you have problems in identifying the code, you can click on the "Refresh" to get a new code.


Please note that the information provided to IRD is maintained strictly confidential and it is used for seeking further clarifications for the information provided. Under Section 211 of the Inland Revenue Act, No. 10 of 2006 and Section 72 of the Value Added Tax Act, No. 14 of 2002. Informants will receive award (up to 15% of revenue collected) when tax is collected based on information provided.

Last updated: 29-04-2016
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