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Betting and Gaming Levy

Persons liable fo​r the Levy
  • The Business of a Bookmaker or
  • The Business of Gaming

A person, who is carrying on the business of a bookmaker or busin​​ess of gaming within Sri Lanka either lawfully or unlawfully, is chargeable to tax, at the respective rates specified in the Schedule to the Act. If such business is carried on in different places by the same person, he is required to pay the levy for each such different place. (Each place is considered as a separate business for tax purposes)​

“Bookmaker” means a person who receives or negotiates bets.

    1. Directly or indirectly;
    2. In cash or on credit; or
    3. Via internet,

On horse races which are run or are proposed to be run or any sport event to be held or proposed to be held in Sri Lanka or Outside Sri Lanka.

“Gaming” means the playing of any game for a stake, and includes the playing of baccarat, punto banco. big six, black jack, boule chemin de fer, chuch-a-luck, crown and anchor, faro, faro bank, hazard, poker dice, pontoon. American for French roulette, trend quarantine, Vingt-et-um, rudjino or wheel of fortune in any premises to which individuals have access.

Amount of the Levy on the Business of Betting
For every year commencing on or after April 1 , 2023 where the business of bookmaker is carried out –
  • Through an agent or via internet with or without the use of live telecast facilities - Five million rupees
  • With the use of live telecast facilities - One million rupees
  • Without the use of live telecast facilities - Seventy-five thousand rupees
Amount of the Levy on the business of Gaming(Casino and Rujino)
  • For every year commencing on or after April 1 , 2023 for carrying on the business of gaming including playing rudgino - Five hundred million rupees
  • Casino Entrance Levy US $50 or its equivalent in any other convertible foreign currency from person who is citizen of Sri Lanka.
Payment due dates
Annual Levy on business of Gaming
  • Before the commencement of the quarter (in 4 equal installments of the annual levy)
Levy on the Gross collection
  • A levy at the rate of rate of 15% on the gross collection of business of bookmaker or gaming is payable on monthly basis. However, where the gross collection does not exceed one million rupees per month, there is no liability to such levy. Any business which is subject to this levy on the gross collection is not liable to pay the Value Added Tax, Social Security Contribution Levy or the Nation Building Tax.​
  • The levy payable on the gross collection should be paid on or before the first week of the month immediately following the relevant month.
Furnishing of Returns
  • The Quarter ending on 31st of March     -   Before 20th of April
  • The Quarter ending on 30th June          ​ -   Before 20th of July
  • The Quarter ending on 30th September -   Before 20th of October
  • The Quarter ending on 31st December  -   Before 20th of January​​​​​​​​​​
Last updated: 28-02-2024
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