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Value AddedTax Units
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Value Added Tax Units

Following Units have been setu​p in order to ensure smooth functi​on of Value Added Tax System.

  • VAT Registration ​Unit
  • VAT Audit Unit​
  • VAT Refund Unit
  • VAT Special Audit Unit
  • SVAT Unit
  • SVAT Audit Unit
  • SVAT Credit Voucher Supervision Unit
The main activities of VAT Units
  • Advisory and Assistance Services​
  • Permanent VAT registration, issuing Non VAT Certificate and Coordination with other Government institutions related to VAT matters.
  • Clearance Certificates issued for liquor License and Custom matters.
  • Issuance of credit vouchers for deferment facilitates
  • SVAT registration for eligible persons and issuance of SVAT Credit Vouchers
Location of the Units

UNIT Location
VAT Registration Unit 2nd floor
VAT Refund Unit 2nd floor​​
VAT Audit Unit 2nd floor
SVAT Unit 2nd floor
SVAT Audit Unit 6th floor
SVAT Credit Voucher Audit Unit 12th floor
VAT Special Audit New Buliding

Contact Details
UNIT Phone Nos. of CIRs
VAT Registration Unit 011 213 4201
VAT Refund Unit 011 213 4211 - 14
VAT Audit Unit 011 213 4250 or 011 213 4251
VAT Special Audit Unit 011 301 0555
SVAT Unit 011 213 4280 or 011 213 4282
SVAT Audit Unit 011 213 4650
SVAT Credit Voucher
Supervision Unit
011 213 5202​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Last updated: 26-05-2015
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