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Tax Payments – Online Tax Payment Platform (OTPP)

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) with the collaboration of Lanka Clear Pvt. Ltd (Governed by Central Bank of Sri Lanka), has introduced its Online Tax Payment Platform (OTPP) in order to facilitate the taxpayers online tax payments on real-time through LankaPay CEFTS (Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch). This real time facility is available 24x7x365 days with internet banking systems of the below mentioned banks.

The taxpayers can use their Current Account Savings Accounts (CASA) maintained at any of the OTPP member bank. Since the Central Bank of Sri Lanka has granted the approval, taxpayers may get increased the normal fund transfer limit up to Rs. 10 billion by communicating with their ba​​nks.

Accordingly, taxpayers are allowed to make online tax payments with OTPP member banks through their CEFTS channels (internet, mobile, ATM or over the counter), and such tax payments done through LPOPP (LankaPay Online Payment Platform) will be credited on a real-time and 24x7 basis to the tax collection bank accounts of the IRD (subject to banking regulations). Further, IRD will provide the real-time payment confirmation by SMS, if the taxpayer’s mobile number is registered with the RAMIS. ​

The OTPP is in addition to the already available over the counter tax payment by cash or cheques through the Bank of Ceylon or Peoples Bank.

The List of the OTPP Member Banks

Bank Enabled Mode
Internet Banking Mobile Banking Over the Counter
1 Bank of Ceylon -
2 People’s Bank -
3 Sampath Bank PLC - -
4 Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC - -
5 National Savings Bank -
6 Nations Trust Bank PLC  -
7 National Development Bank  - -
8 Hatton National Bank PLC -
9 Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC - -
10 Union Bank of Colombo PLC - -
11 HSBC - -
12 Seylan Bank PLC - -
13 DFCC Bank PLC - -
14 SDB - -
15 Amana Bank - -
16 Cargills Bank - -

​​​​​How to Pay Taxes Online (Online Tax Payments Platform (OTPP) Quick Guide
Last updated: 09-08-2023
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